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How to find the best internet provider?

My very dear web friends, who often send me amazing compliments, remind me on my grandma’s words: “Those who like me, do not really know me, and those who know me, do not really like me”…

Well, sorry… I admit I’m not perfect at all, especially when it comes to technical issues. That’s why I was quite amazed to read this solution by my webmaster’s blog:

Whenever I have to deal with site management, e-mails configurations, server providing and all that stuff, I must have someone to talk to, someone who will listen to my problems and help me solve them.

Not long ago I needed a place to host my web activities, such as this site you are just visiting now.

The main factor about it was the service quality, and in particular the live availability of a supporter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also a user friendly interface, with easy, clear and clean design is a must, and finally unlimited capacities and volumes of resources me and my web geek requires. I mean…

♦ Web space with no borders at all,
♦ Bandwidth with no traffic jams,
♦ Sites to host – as much as I have,
♦ Email addresses – as many as I need,
♦ Reasonable price – not more than a few dollars a month,
♦ And last not least: installation ease, automated processes and no upseting bumpers when it comes to all that geeky stuff.

So I checked out around 10 of the most known providers, and would like to share with you herewith my experience: there is only one company who wins in all that noticed parameters:

“…And the winner is: Dreamhost!”

So if you need such a service simply go for it. You probably won’t find a better one. By the way, if you register with the code PROMOCODE2015 you will also get a life long free domain registration… Not bad at all…