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Sofia Mechetner is an Israeli model from Holon, a small suburb town at the south of Tel-Aviv.

Watch her unbelievable story as shown on TV:

Date of Birth:  4th of December, 2000
Place of Birth:  Holon, Israel
Parents:  Xenia and Fiodor Mechetner
Family:  Sister Nicole (*2004), Brother Alex (*2006)
School: Herzog (Business management study)
Height:  178 cm (5 feet, 10.07 inch)
Hair:  Medium blonde
Eyes:  Deep blue
Bust:  84 cm (2 feet, 9.07 inch)
Waist:  54 cm (1 feet, 9.25 inch)
Hips:  87 cm (2 feet, 10.25 inch)
Shoe size:  41 (US 8.5, UK 7.5)

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